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Some of our previous projects include:

Cruden - Olive Mount, Liverpool

This was constructed on a 5 acre school site on the edge of the Wavertree Village conservation area, 3 miles from Liverpool city centre.  The scheme comprised of 39 two bedroom sheltered flats, 27 two bedroom general needs flats, 28 two bedroom bungalows, a community centre and offices contained in the sheltered block. 

Within the sheltered flats there was also a paved atrium area.  We carried out all the ground works on this project, except for an initial bulk reduce level excavation.

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John Turners - Priestley College

This was the construction of a new 2 storey teaching facility, built on a floor area of approximately 3500 metres squared.  Our works included the breaking down of pile, and the installation of ground beams and pile caps.  Also included in this project was the installation of ground, first floor and roof slabs, all site drainage and connection, pumping chamber and rising main, along with all external works, paving and hard landscaping.

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Eric Wright - Heywood Health Centre

This project was the construction of a 4 storey health centre and associated car park in a tight town centre site.  Our package included:

Cutting down of 180 piles and installing ground beams and pile caps. 

 Foul and surface water drainage, including final connections

All external works including pathways, steps/disabled ramp

Integrated car park including all kerbs and Aco drainage

Planter bases and tree pits and all hard landscaping

Separate car park constructed some 500 metres from the site which included all drainage, kerbs, stone and services.

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Kier Northern - Rose Hill Primary School

Rose Hill Primary School in Marple

Our works comprise of Site haul road to facilitate access to formation of Muga pitch

Footpath and Cycle way for pupils and staff access

Reduced level dig for Bases and Ring beam formations

Foul and surface water drainage with PCC manhole chambers

Attenuation excavation and backfill once cells installed

Stone importation into building footprint to allow for build ups for Fabric mesh and Concrete slab pour to a power float finish

Internal drainage and services

1st Floor floor slab pour and power float finish

Kerbs/ Acos and edgings to form new access roads and car parking facilities

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Matthew Moss High School

Matthew Moss High School, Rochdale

Matthew Moss is a School that has kept an attendance on Site for over 18 months, its been a multi phased hand over of new build and refurbishment areas that has seen our labour level fluctuate between 15 to 3 operatives, works carried out to date include:

Tubosider attenuation works, 2 no seperate excavations to tanks at approx 50 linear metres in length

Car parks formation to 3 seperate areas within the School grounds

Bases and ring beam formations

Retaining wall structures

Ground and 1st floor concrete floors, Ground floor split into 5 seperate pours due to multi phases , 1st floor split into 3 seperate areas again due to phases/handovers

Internal and external drainage to both foul and surface water

Service ducts to carry Electricity/Gas/CCTV/Water and carbon fibre cables

Internal concrete ramps and stairs to facilitate access to phased areas

Kerbs/edgings and external works package to all areas front and rear of School

Tarmac to new Car parking and footpath areas

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Hindley Green School, Wigan

Hindley Green School just outside Wigan was a new build/refurbishment project for Eric Wright Construction to which our involvement lasted approx 12 months, the new build element backed onto the existing Primary school which had major ramifications for noise and ground water issues due to the nature of the area, our works comprised of:

Haul road reduced level dig, stone to formation and Tarmac base course

Bases and ring beam formations

Underpinning the existing structure whilst forming the bases alongside

Lift pit shutter formation and weather seal upon completion

Floor slab to ground floor

Internal and external foul and surface water drainage

Replacement of old drainage to outfall across football pitches

Formation of car parks, playgrounds.

New access pathways and disabled ramp formation

Silo bases

Temporary pumping station to minimise ground water egress into area

Land drains

Service ducts and trenches for Gas/Electricity/Water/CCTV and street lighting

Paving and flagging

Removal of haul road once works completed

Hard landscaping to all perimeter areas

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Kier Northern - Project Ebor

Project Ebor for Kier Northern was a Distribution/storage Warehouse on the Kingsway Business park in Rochdale, our works entailed

Concrete bases and ring beam works to perimeter, all internal bases and column surrounds

Main access road formation, including drainage/kerbing and stone build ups

Foul and surface water drainage ranging from 150mm clay to 750mm concrete at depths of between 1.0m to 4.5m

Gatic drain to service yard area

All incoming service ducts and trenches to Gas/Electricity/Water/CCTV and street lighting

Kerbs/Edgings and Aco channels to all external service yard areas

Flagging to full perimeter and main access areas

Reinforced concrete slabs to Sprinkler tanks and M&E services in and around the Plant room

Reinforced power floated Office slab inside the Building

Muck shift exercise within the Site to form a spoil heap to the adjacent field

Erection of CCTV and Street lighting columns

Hard Landscaping works



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Carillion - Cardinal Langley High School

Cardinal Langley High School in Rochdale has seen us on Site for over 18 months and from an initial enabling works package of just 75k to a current valuation of over 1.1million, our current works packages include:

Over 300 no concrete bases for temporary teaching accomodation

Tubosider attenaution tanks, approx 200 linear metres of 1.8 diameter pipes at 4.0 metres depth

Internal and external foul and surface drainage

Ducts and service trenches for all services

CCTV and Street lighting ducts and erection of columns

Approx 400 linear metres of formworks to enable ground floor reinforced concrete slabs to be completed

First and Second floor reinforced slabs

Curved reinforced retaining wall concrete structures

Access ramps and Steps for School Staff and pupils

Reduced level excavations to front of School for remodelling

Tree removals and hard landscaping works

Formation of overspill car parks including kerbing/edging and Aco channels for Staff and Contractors




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Eric Wright - Leigh Pilot School

Leigh Pilot Project was a new build School in the shadow of the existing School structure which was to be demolished upon completion and handover, our works packages were as follows:

Pile cap crop and ring beam formation works

Lift shaft formworks and reinforced concrete

Ground and first floor reinforced concrete slabs

Foul and surface water drainage and connections to live manholes in the highway

Formation of new playgrounds and car parks

Kerbing/Edging and Aco channels

Attenuation excavation and encasement once cells completed

278 works to highway and Site entrance

Hard landscaping

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Eric Wright = Crewe MMU

Crewe MMU for Eric Wright was a challenging project due to the busy live University campus all around our work areas, our works included:

Major reduced level excavations and muck shift

Twin Tubosider units at 1.8m diameter laid at a depth of 4.5 m and approx 80 linear metres long

4no car park constructions including all kerbing/edgings and Aco channels

Foul and Surface water drainage ranging from 150mm clay to 650mm concrete

All Surface water drainage exitted Site through a flow restrictor into the local brook to bottom of Site

All access road formations to HGV specification, approx 250 linear metres of build

Tree pits/Islands and all hard landscaping with major top soil spread site wide

All flagging and paviours to main walkways and entrances

Street furniture fitment

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Eric Wright - The Orchards

The Orchards was a 35 new build house development Site in Leigh, our works comprised of:

All foul and surface drainage from adopted manholes to each property

Service ducts and trenches for Gas/Electricity/Water/Virgin media and B.T

Flagging works around properties

Reduced level excavation with build ups for Paved areas and drives

Hard landscaping around properties

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Christ Church, Aston under Lyne

Christ Church for Dawn Consult, located at the back of the Church is a former graveyard that is to be transformed into a Community centre, as the ground is in a very poor state a 600mm piling mat has to be completed before the insertion of some 80 mini driven piles, pile cap and ring beam formation follow before suspended concrete slab is poured.

Drainage is state of the art and relies on shallow soakaways so as not to disturb any of the remaining burial plots located some 600mm down. BREEAM excellent rating is to be achieved in what is a complicated tight project for Dawn Consult, a new P.C to our fold

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Bury College Phase 8

Bury College for Eric Wright Construction is a skills centre located to the rear of the main College buildings, tight access and egress through populated car parks which promises to have implications on deliveries during busy periods of the day, the Contract consists of 36 no concrete bases plus ring beam formation,Insulated floor slab, foul and surface water drainage, attenuation and perimeter external works.

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